LaN ON-SITE: Day 08


LaN ON-SITE: Day 7

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ON-SITE Correspondence

Aug 4th email correspondence (Luis Fraguada writing to Tomasz Jaskiewicz) about LaN ON-SITE Workshop

The concern I had with this workshop was scale.  How to access the urban scale in a two week workshop whilst teaching digital fabrication?  I think a lot of my inspiration for this comes from bottom up organizations that can organize and exploit cities.  Without being too specific, I will site guerrilla marketing in general as a source (though more often today it is being utilized by corporations as well).  Then I cross reference this with my understanding of the urban scale.  You coming from an urban background might have more to say on this, but specifically looking at Barcelona, there are territories within the city that are quite ambiguously bounded.  There is a certain identity, there is a certain something that groups those buildings, those streets, into one condensed territory.   I think by documenting and parameterizing these boundaries, or the elements that define them, we can, on a small scale, make interventions on an urban scale.  I see the participants going out into Barcelona, quickly defining a territory of their own within a given range, then repeatedly question and redefine this territory.  In the end, the elements observed will serve as inputs to define new neighborhood organizations in Barcelona.  Fabricated pieces will be born from observing their chosen territory, and thus by deploying these, giving the new neighborhood identity and cohesiveness.  Maybe these are not new neighborhoods at all, but through the amplification of what makes them unique, they will be made more obvious.


LaN ON-SITE: Day 006

Bike tour around the perimeter of the 22@ area of Poble Nou, the site for our interventions.

Rhino Training with Stephan Seifert: Day 3

Rhinoscript Training with Luis Fraguada: Day 1

pipe script

Here’s a quick pipe my line script:

Option Explicit

‘Script written by Dimitrie Stefanescu
‘Contact me at: didi [at] improved [dot] ro
‘Script released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Licence

Call Main()
Sub Main()

Dim arrobj : arrobj = Rhino.GetObjects(“Sel obj”, 4)
Dim oo

Dim radius : radius = Rhino.GetReal(“radius”,2.3)

Dim pts
Call rhino.EnableRedraw(False)
For Each oo In arrobj

pts = Rhino.CurvePoints(oo)
Call Rhino.AddCylinder(pts(0), pts(UBound(pts)), radius)

Call rhino.EnableRedraw(True)
‘2.3 diamater

End Sub

LaN ON-SITE: Day 005

Day 005:

Parametric Research Continued

Lecture on digital fabrication by Marta Male-Alemany, Co-Director of IaaC and ReD.  It was a pleasure and a great honor  to have Marta speak to us as she is an expert on the subject as well as a great inspiration.

Rhino Modeling day 2

Evening LaN-ture: A new mode of lecturing where we all met on the roof with a projector and discussed the state of parametrics through project examples gathered by workshop coordinators and participants.  The format was the perfect facilitator of the discussion.  Many issues were discussed, including the parametric nature of the Sagrada Familia and its current context (group), the notion of losing traditional craftsmanship and a return to material as a result (Aaron Willete), and the true validity as parametric formal results as a model for urbanism (group).  Marcin Siekaniec discussed the Orion system for urban planning.  All in all the discussion was much more than we had hoped or expected.  Thanks for everyone’s contribution!