LaN ON-SITE: Day 005

Day 005:

Parametric Research Continued

Lecture on digital fabrication by Marta Male-Alemany, Co-Director of IaaC and ReD.  It was a pleasure and a great honor  to have Marta speak to us as she is an expert on the subject as well as a great inspiration.

Rhino Modeling day 2

Evening LaN-ture: A new mode of lecturing where we all met on the roof with a projector and discussed the state of parametrics through project examples gathered by workshop coordinators and participants.  The format was the perfect facilitator of the discussion.  Many issues were discussed, including the parametric nature of the Sagrada Familia and its current context (group), the notion of losing traditional craftsmanship and a return to material as a result (Aaron Willete), and the true validity as parametric formal results as a model for urbanism (group).  Marcin Siekaniec discussed the Orion system for urban planning.  All in all the discussion was much more than we had hoped or expected.  Thanks for everyone’s contribution!


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