LaN-On-Site Summer 2008 WORK / SHOP BARCELONA


LaN | Live Architecture Network is pleased to announce the second installment of its 2008 Summer workshop series: LaN-On-Site: WORK/SHOP BARCELONA, SPAIN, hosted by IaaC|Institut d’Arquitectura Avancada de Catalunya.

LaN | WORK/SHOP is based in Barcelona, Spain, and will approach the investigation of the urban domain through the use of scripting and digital fabrication. The often disconnected resolutions of the urban scale and tectonic systems and are brought together for the purpose of fabricating site specific interventions in the various urban typologies of Barcelona. Participants will engage the city through two weeks of intense observation and documentation in concert with software, scripting, and digital production tutorials which will feed the final fabricated works.

LaN focuses on DIGITAL FABRICATION as a means to forwarding composite processes/collaborations driving architectural development. LaN recognizes the power of digital fabrication, not merely as a toolset of of a high technical caliber, but as the driver of particular groupings of resources–an organization of human, economic, and material assets–varying widely based on project circumstances. LaN’s mode of operation is parametric in nature, and seeks to with re-associate architecture with a flexible, non-authoritative, temporal, & data-rich practice of spatial design.

More Information coming soon, in the meantime contact


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